Featured Vendors for Pro. Consulting (IT Sys. & E-Rate)

Contracted Professional Consulting (IT Systems and E-Rate)

This is a statewide contract aimed at providing professional consulting for IT system evaluation, design and rehabilitation and E-Rate program assistance.

E-Rate Elite Services, Inc.

E-Rate Elite Services, Inc. is offering full service, full time E-Rate consulting services. They employ former Universal Service Administrative Co. auditors providing their expertise in E-Rate program compliance, training, billing audits, network planning, project management and appeals.

E-Rate Elite Services, Inc. provides professional consulting services for E-Rate. Specializing in all aspects of the E-Rate process. Our employees have worked for USAC, or Solix, the company subcontracted by USAC for the past 20 years to perform application reviews for the E-Rate program. E-Rate Elite Services employees have worked on the Internal Audit Team, Appeals Team, PIA Review Team, Ombudsman group, Cost Effectiveness Review, and Selective Review. We know how to prepare for and to respond to PIA, USAC and the FCC to ensure you receive and keep the funds you deserve.

Hye Tech Networking & Security Solutions, LLC

Hye Tech Networking and Security Solutions, Inc. is offering full service IT system consulting that includes essential expertise in integration, design and implementation with no preference to any one particular manufacturer. This approach will allow them to provide their clients with development and deployment of a variety of manufacturer platforms that fits within their client’s IT system architecture. Their areas of service include network architecture, datacenter architecture, security architecture, server architecture and physical security.


Hye Tech Network & Security Solutions, LLC is an organization built on the vision of providing the highest level of technical network and security related services. Our goal is to provide superior level of expertise and solutions. We focus on building scalable communications infrastructures that will fit our customer's technology needs today as well as enabling growth for the future. The networks we design are ready for the secure convergence of many different communications (Voice, Video, SCADA, building control and automation) over a single infrastructure.


Infinity Communications and Consulting, Inc.

Infinity Communications and Consulting, Inc. is the only awarded vendor to provide both IT system and E-Rate consulting services. They offer year-round E-Rate services that will allow for completion of prior year applications and projects, they will work with members to complete the documentation for current year funding fillings, revisions and changes, and begin the process for the next funding year’s fillings and upgrades. They also have a highly qualified staff that ensures all IT system infrastructure developments meet not only the requirements of the site but also state and building industry standards.


Infinity Communications & Consulting, Inc is a technology consulting company which provides many services including E-Rate, Low-Voltage Technology Design, Construction Management and organizational consulting. We work with public and private organizations throughout the nation to effectively support technology initiatives.

Our talented Design Department supports the Education Market and has a strong emphasis of working directly for Public and Private school systems and Architectural Design Firms that support this marketplace. We also provide low-voltage Construction Management and Inspection services for our clients that may not have staff to handle these activities.

Infinity is a known leader in E-Rate Consulting Services throughout the nation. Our company is a member of the E-Rate Management Professionals Association and we work with several hundred educational entities and libraries to support Category 1 and Category 2 E-Rate. Infinity can take your project from planning, design, RFP, Application Management, Integration through Implementation. We also work to manage the state funded discounts for many of our clients.

We have three Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD's) on staff and are members of the AIA, Construction Specifications Institute, BICSI and many other industry associations. At Infinity we feel we can manage your project from start to finish.

Infinity is Technology!


Nicely Done Consulting, LLC

Nicely Done Consulting, LLC is offering full service E-Rate consulting services, including: comprehensive preparation of all required E-Rate forms; billing and reimbursement management; appeal guidance; audit and review representation; deadline tracking; inter-agency liaison support and documentation retention.


Nicely Done Consulting provides comprehensive E-Rate consulting from procurement to reimbursement, and everything in between. We file and certify all forms and work directly with your team to navigate the complex E-Rate processes.


nVision Networking, Inc.

nVision Networking, Inc. is offering IT system consulting services that included: planning, design and implementation services; solutions and design of networks that meet current telecommunication and data network requirements; design services that strive to improve return on investment and migration speed; proven methodologies that accelerate implementation; reduction of risk by proactively identifying gaps and potential system risks and lower operating costs by providing options and training to improve staff productivity.


NVision Networking, Inc. offers professional IT consulting services to Mohave Members. Our goal is to provide services that align with key business objectives to support solutions today and for the future. Our Information Technology consulting provides a complete range of services: hardware/software requirement analysis, solutions design to project management to implementation in Enterprise Networking, Storage, Security, Collaboration, Disaster Recovery and Cloud Computing.