Managed IT Services Contracts - Effective July 15, 2019

Managed IT Services that including on-site services, on-call remote services and qualified help desk services.

  • Vendor: CamNet, Inc.
    Contract Number: 19D-CAMNET2-0715
    Vendor Contact: Mollie Gunkel
    Phone Number: (480) 454-3757
    CamNet, Inc. offers a full range of Managed IT Service solutions with a primary focus on schools and local and state government entities. Five employees have been screened with the Bureau of Indian Education, which allows these technicians to work on tribal lands. All employees are screened to work in public school buildings. Value-added services offered include a certified Project Management Professional to oversee implementation of new Managed IT Solutions. CamNet, Inc. also employs a licensed teacher that holds a PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy studies that is responsible for curriculum development for member training.

  • Vendor: IT1 Source, LLC
    Contract Number: 19D-IT1B-0715
    Vendor Contact: Guy Steinbrink
    Phone Number: (480) 777-5552
    IT1 Source, LLC offer services that include server management, desktop/laptop management, email management network management, IT systems administration, and systems security. Value-added services offered included assistance to the members in planning and executing network upgrade and initiatives. Additionally, IT1 Source, LLC offered detailed analysis of availability, security requirements, and architecture and project planning.

  • Vendor: PLJ Information Systems, Inc. dba Nothing But NET
    Contract Number: 19D-NBN-0715
    Vendor Contact: Bob Cox
    Phone Number: (480) 222-6020
    Nothing But NET offer a full range of services that include onsite or remote Managed IT Services, 24/7 help desk, network monitoring solutions and a fully managed, all-inclusive services platform. Security solutions offered included equipment augmentation, upgrade recommendation and simulated network intrusion.

  • Vendor: SKF Technologies L.L.C. dba Silverado Technologies
    Contract Number: 19D-SLT-0715
    Vendor Contact: Carlton Rueb
    Phone Number: (520) 903-1580 x 124
    Silverado Technologies offer a fully managed support service that includes help desk support for workstations, servers, and network devices. Also, included in the fully managed support is antivirus, spam filtering, password management, strategic planning services, account management, backup monitoring and restoration. A unique value-added service offered is the complete documentation of the member’s IT system architecture and environment. This documentation is updated continuously and includes member-specific processes developed by SKF Technologies L.L.C. dba Silverado Technologies.

  • Vendor: Vector Resources, Inc. dba VectorUSA
    Contract Number: 19D-VECT-0715
    Vendor Contact: Karen A. Hewitt
    Phone Number: (602) 283-7446
    VectorUSA offers a full range of IT Services including two network operations centers that provide 24/7 technical support. They offered multiple tiers of services for managed technology infrastructure components, in which the service can be tailored to each member’s needs.

Contract information available on the website

  • Pricing: July 12, 2019
  • Due Diligence: July 12, 2019