Mohave issues competitive procurement solicitations for a wide variety of products, services and professional services for use by any of its statewide membership. A list of current Mohave solicitations is provided below.

To view the entire solicitation documentation your company must be registered as a Mohave Potential Bidder.


*Note: To be considered, sealed bids/proposals shall be electronically submitted, via ProcureNow prior to the specified due date and time. Vendors must be registered on Mohave’s Prospective Bidders Sign Up to receive notification of an issued solicitation. Bids/Proposals shall be opened immediately following the bid/proposal due date and time, with the name of each bidder/offeror publicly listed via ProcureNow and unverified bid pricing publicly listed. Late bids/proposals shall not be considered. Submittals shall include all requested information, completed forms, pricing workbooks and schedules with appropriate signatures. Requested forms may be filled out by hand; however, shall be legible. Responses shall be submitted as a single search PDF document, along with the required pricing Excel workbook. Bidders/Offerors are strongly encouraged to carefully read the entire contents of the solicitation prior to submitting a bid/proposal. Failure to examine any of the requirements will be at the bidders/offerors risk.

Mohave reserves the right to cancel solicitations and/or reject all bids/proposals in whole, or in part, if Mohave determines that cancellation and/or rejection is advantageous to Mohave and/or its members.


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